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Started as a way to document my Master’s thesis in composition, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN has now featured more than 60 contributors from 7 countries. We cover contemporary classical music, art, and technology.

Back in October 2013, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN received the 45th annual ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor Media Award for outstanding print, broadcast and new media coverage of music.

On social media, we represent a community of 50K new music fans.

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I started this I CARE IF YOU LISTEN satellite site because I felt frustrated with YouTube: Great content but too much noise.

New music community members can now submit their own videos and be featured on Twitter, our newsletter, etc.

We tripled the amount of videos featured on the site the week it was launched.

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Sustainist Media

I founded Sustainist Media to launch the Magazine version of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, but also to help presenters promote their concerts, releases, etc.

Our clients include: Carnegie Hall, the Curtis Institute of Music, Nonesuch, Naxos, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the American Composers Orchestra, and more.

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Is Classical Music

Back in January 2014, a Slate article by Mark Vanhoenacker stated that Classical music in America [was] dead. It was not the first article like this, and surely not the last. I got fed up and launched this site.

It was picked by WQXR, NewMusicBox, Radio France.

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