December 22, 2015

Daily reading, Dec. ’15 issue

If, like me, you spend your day in front of screens of various sizes, there comes a point when some rest is needed.

Doing some eyes exercises or some light stretching is a good idea. You can even get an app that will remind you to do it.

I also feel the need to switch to paper for either sketching or simply reading. Here are some of my favorite daily reads.

The Pocket Universal Principles of Design

This small gem is packed with universal design principles that can be applied to virtually any project. I love to pick it up when my Mac takes forever to boot and read a couple.

Design is a job

Mike Montero is “a nice guy or a total asshole depending on your opinion.” He’s also written two great books that I’d recommend (the other is You’re My Favorite Client).

All of Edward Tufte’s books

I recently treated myself to four autographed, hardcover copies of Edward Tufte’s book. This is great stuff and I can’t recommend them enough. Other titles include: Envisioning Information, Beautiful Evidence, and Visual Explanations.

What have you been reading lately?

What about you? What have you been reading lately? Anything you would recommend? Chime in in the comments below or ping me on Twitter!