Video recap #1

I have a couple of posts in the works, but I’d still like to post some things here. So I decided to start video recap posts.

These are videos I’ve watched over the past couple of weeks (some are recent; others are not).

Origami-inspired artificial muscles

“Researchers at the Wyss […]

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Paper by Dropbox

Dropbox Paper

On Saturday, I went down a productivity app rabbit hole while my son was taking a nap.

Every so often, I reassess the tools that I use and decide if I should try others or stick with the same ones.

The tool that bugs me at the moment is Evernote. I’ve […]

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A few months after our son was born, things started to look up: My wife and I were getting more sleep and I was getting more help with I CARE IF YOU LISTEN. Pockets of spare time started to emerge—oh, joy!

I started brainstorming about things I should do with this time, things that I […]

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