Poll: Digital marketing and communications skills for musicians

Last week I created a Twitter poll to get an idea of what digital marketing and communications skills music entrepreneur think they need. I was quite surprised by the results.

Even though the poll happened on Twitter, people felt they still needed to learn more about social media. The poll being very generic, I […]

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Two Services Closing. One Opening.

I was sad to realize this week that two email marketing services closed: Stamplia and SendAdvisor.

Since 2013, Stamplia has been offering a great free email builder as well as a template marketplace. Email templates built with Stamplia worked with major email providers and could be imported in one click.

Unfortunately, Stamplia was not able to get […]

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Fieldbook: Spreadsheet features for Mailchimp lists

I just signed up for a trial (free until October 1) for Fieldbook, a tool to:

Track a sales pipeline Manage projects and tasks Run a recruiting process Plan an event Track inventory Organize anything

All in the form of a spreadsheet. Imagine Google Sheets on steroids.

Wait for it

OK, that’s nice.

It gets better […]

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