Apple’s Aural Skeuomorphism Lingers

“The future of mobile UI is not for our eyes and fingers only…” I have finally installed iOS 7 (beta 5—haven’t had time to follow up with the latest builds) and I am extremely enthusiastic about the whole thing: Same but very different, very gracious gestures and clever shortcuts, slimmer typography, play on transparencies, parallax, […]

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Google Glass Explorers Program: how much are you ready to pay to be cool?

So last Wednesday, I got a tweet from Google’s Project Glass: @tonalfreak You’re invited to join our #glassexplorers program. Woohoo! Make sure to follow us – we’ll DM in the coming weeks. — Google Glass (@googleglass) March 27, 2013 I had, indeed, “applied” to Google Glass by sending a tweet (including #ifIhadglass) back in February: it […]

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