Thomas Deneuville

Thomas Deneuville is an interaction designer. At Cornell University's Division of Alumni Affairs and Development, he is the director of Web Services and UX: a small team bringing design and web development together in service of Cornell's alumni, parents, friends, and staff. With a dual background in mechanical engineering and music (composition), Thomas is a maker and it informs his design practice inside and outside the office. He lives in Freeville, NY with his wife and two sons, where he reads, codes, and plays the bagpipe.

Video recap #1

I have a couple of posts in the works, but I’d still like to post some things here. So I decided to start video recap posts. These are videos I’ve watched over the past couple of weeks (some are recent; others are not). Origami-inspired artificial muscles “Researchers at the Wyss […]

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Paying my dues

I’m not proficient in Jazz but I took a jazz theory class with the amazing Ryan Keberle and it has changed the way I listen to it. I particularly like John Coltrane’s music. A thing I learned about, then, is the idea of paying one’s dues. What a commenter on this forum calls: “Having […]

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