Thomas Deneuville

is an interaction/UX designer interested in robotics, IoT, and wearables.

My latest posts

Building the TurtleBot3 Burger

Happy birthday to me. This year, I got myself a robot. But not any robot: A TurtleBot3, a ground low-cost personal robot running on open-source software. It’s been a goal of mine to teach myself…
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Paying my dues

I’m not proficient in Jazz but I took a jazz theory class with the amazing Ryan Keberle and it has changed the way I listen to it. I particularly like John Coltrane’s music. A thing I l…
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Trying Particle’s Photon

I was excited to receive four ESP8266 ESP-01 but I ran into a few issues. I anticipated a few power issues from Arduino to the ESP8266 so I ordered a 5V – 3.3V adapter. The ESP8266 is not very …
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First IoT steps

I have been building with Arduino for a while and one of my initial goals was to connect one to the Internet and experiment. Finally, I have decided to take the next step towards this goal. IoT har…
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Cocktail hour by yumikrum -CC BY 2.0

To Be Designed

On Tuesday, April 25, I attended To Be Designed, a one-day virtual conference produced by Rosenfeld Media. Topics were AI and UX heavy—awesome. The speakers were stellar. My notes are copi…
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