Thomas Deneuville

Interaction designer/UX engineer interested in robotics, IoT, and wearables

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Men Shoveling Chairs (Scupstoel)

Embracing problems

UX designers need to embrace users's problems to be able to deliver good design solutions. But there are more problems in the equation.
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Misty by Misty Robotics

New robots: Magni, Misty, and Loomo

Every week or so, I see a new robotic system pop up in my social feed. I do a bit of research and digging around and move on to other things. I finally decided to start writing about these robots, her…
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I needed a web framework for Python and I picked Flask. Here's why I'm happy about it.
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I’m getting into Vim

If you’ve ever opened Vim, a Linux text editor, you might have wondered: “What is this and how do I get out of here?!” Me too.
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To read more

As I'm building new skills and learning about emerging technologies, I have focused on improving my reading. Here are a few thoughts and strategies I've been using.
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